Kim, Tae-Hwan

Kim, Tae-Hwan
Assistant Professor

Email: taehwan(at)
Phone: +82-54-279-2084
Office: 3-413


Research Experiences

Publication List


  1. Coplanar semiconductor–metal circuitry defined on few-layer MoTe2 via polymorphic heteroepitaxy
    J. H. Sung, H. Heo, S. Si, Y. H. Kim, H. R. Noh, K. Song, J. Kim, C.-S. Lee, S.-Y. Seo, D.-H. Kim, H. K. Kim, H. W. Yeom, T.-H. Kim, S.-Y. Choi, J. S. Kim, and M.-H. Jo*
    Nature Nanotechnology, Advance Online Publication (2017). [link1, link2]

  2. Switching chiral solitons for algebraic operation of topological quaternary digits
    T.-H. Kim,* S. Cheon and H. W. Yeom*
    Nature Physics 13, 444–447 (2017). [link]

  3. 2016

  4. Layer-Confined Excitonic Insulating Phase in Ultrathin Ta2NiSe5 Crystals
    S. Y. Kim, Y. Kim, C.-J. Kang, E.-S. An, H. K. Kim, M. J. Eom, M. Lee, C. Park, T.-H. Kim, H. C. Choi, B. I. Min, and J. S. Kim*
    ACS Nano 10, 8888–8894 (2016). [link]

  5. 2015

  6. Chiral solitons in a coupled double Peierls chain
    S. Cheon, T.-H. Kim, S.-H. Lee,* and H. W. Yeom*
    Science 350, 182 (2015). [link]

  7. Visualization of the inverse layer-plus-island growth in Fe islands on W(110) substrate
    J. Seo, T.-H. Kim,* and Y. Kuk*
    Current Applied Physics 15, 1042 (2015). [link]

  8. Charge-ordering cascade with spin-orbit Mott dimer states in metallic iridium ditelluride
    K.-T. Ko, H.-H. Lee, D.-H. Kim, J.-J. Yang, S.-W. Cheong, M.J. Eom, J.S. Kim, R. Gammag, K.-S. Kim, H.-S. Kim, T.-H. Kim, H.-W. Yeom, T.-Y. Koo, H.-D. Kim & J.-H. Park*
    Nat. Commun. 6, 7342 (2015). [link]

  9. 2014

  10. Transforming a surface state of a topological insulator by a Bi capping layer
    H. W. Yeom,* S. H. Kim, W. J. Shin, K.-H. Jin, J. Park, T.-H. Kim, J. S. Kim, H. Ishikawa, K. Sakamoto & S.-H. Jhi
    Phys. Rev. B 90, 235401 (2014). [link]

  11. Structural versus electronic distortions in IrTe2 with broken symmetry
    H. S. Kim, T.-H. Kim, J. Yang, S.-W. Cheong & H. W. Yeom*
    Phys. Rev. B 90, 201103 (2014). [link]

  12. Absence of Luttinger liquid behavior in Au-Ge wires: A high-resolution scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy study
    J. Park, K. Nakatsuji, T.-H. Kim, S. K. Song, F. Komori & H. W. Yeom*
    Phys. Rev. B 90, 165410 (2014). [link]

  13. Edge and interfacial states in a two-dimensional topological insulator: Bi(111) bilayer on Bi2Te2Se
    S. H. Kim, K.-H. Jin, J. Park, J. S. Kim, S.-H. Jhi,* T.-H. Kim & H. W. Yeom*
    Phys. Rev. B 89, 155436 (2014). [link]

  14. 2013

  15. Polaronic Transport and Current Blockades in Epitaxial Silicide Nanowires and Nanowire Arrays
    V. Iancu, X.-G. Zhang, T.-H. Kim, L. D. Menard, P. R. C. Kent, M. E. Woodson, J. M. Ramsey, A.-P. Li & H. H. Weitering*
    Nano Lett. 13, 3684–3689 (2013). [link]

  16. Valley spin polarization by using the extraordinary Rashba effect on silicon
    K. Sakamoto,* T.-H. Kim, T. Kuzumaki, B. Müller, Y. Yamamoto, M. Ohtaka, J. R. Osiecki, K. Miyamoto, Y. Takeichi, A. Harasawa, S. D. Stolwijk, A. B. Schmidt, J. Fujii, R. I. G. Uhrberg, M. Donath, H. W. Yeom & T. Oda
    Nat. Commun. 4, 2073 (2013). [link]

  17. Visualizing Atomic-Scale Negative Differential Resistance in Bilayer Graphene
    K. S. Kim, T.-H. Kim, A. L. Walter, T. Seyller, H. W. Yeom,* E. Rotenberg & A. Bostwick*
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 036804 (2013). [link]

  18. 2012

  19. Topological Solitons versus Nonsolitonic Phase Defects in a  Quasi-One-Dimensional Charge-Density Wave
    T.-H. Kim* & H. W. Yeom*
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 246802 (2012). [link]

  20. Nanomanipulation and nanofabrication with multi-probe scanning tunneling microscope: From individual atoms to nanowires
    S. Qin, T.-H. Kim, Z. Wang & A.-P. Li*
    Rev. Sci. Instrum. 83, 063704 (2012). [link]

  21. Correlating Electronic Transport to Atomic Structures in Self-Assembled Quantum Wires
    S. Qin, T.-H. Kim, Y. Zhang, W. Ouyang, H. H. Weitering, C.-K. Shih, A. P. Baddorf, R. Wu & A.-P. Li*
    Nano Lett. 12, 938–942 (2012). [link]

  22. 2011

  23. Structural Dependence of Grain Boundary Resistivity in Copper Nanowires
    T.-H. Kim, D. M. Nicholson, X.-G. Zhang, B. M. Evans, N. S. Kulkarni, E. A. Kenik, H. M. Meyer, B. Radhakrishnan & A.-P. Li*
    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 50, 08LB09 (2011). [link]

  24. Comment on ‘Atomic Structure, Energetics, and Dynamics of Topological Solitons in Indium Chains on Si(111) Surfaces’
    H. W. Yeom* & T.-H. Kim
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 019701 (2011). [link]

  25. Ferroelectric Gated Electrical Transport in CdS Nanotetrapods
    W. Fu, S. Qin, L. Liu, T.-H. Kim, S. Hellstrom, W. Wang,* W. Liang, X. Bai, A.-P. Li* & E. Wang*
    Nano Lett. 11, 1913–1918 (2011). [link]

  26. Strain relaxation induced spin reorientation in Fe films on W(110)
    J. Seo, Y. Oh, T.-H. Kim & Y. Kuk*
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 99, 182501 (2011). [link]

  27. 2003–2010

  28. Imaging and Manipulation of the Competing Electronic Phases Near the Mott Metal-Insulator Transition
    T.-H. Kim, M. Angst, B. Hu, R. Jin, X.-G. Zhang, J. F. Wendelken, E. W. Plummer* & A.-P. Li*
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 107, 5272–5275 (2010). [link]

  29. Tuning magnetostatic interaction in single-crystalline nanodot arrays with in-plane easy axes
    J. Seo, T.-H. Kim, S.-H. Chung, Y. Oh, J. H. Choi & Y. Kuk*
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 96, 073106 (2010). [link]

  30. Large Discrete Resistance Jump at Grain Boundary in Copper Nanowire
    T.-H. Kim, X.-G. Zhang, D. M. Nicholson, B. M. Evans, N. S. Kulkarni, B. Radhakrishnan, E. A. Kenik & A.-P. Li*
    Nano Lett. 10, 3096–3100 (2010). [link]

  31. Enhanced conductance blockade due to Pauli exclusion in tunnel junctions with half-metallic electrodes
    T.-H. Kim, X.-G. Zhang, J. F. Feng, X. F. Han & A. P. Li*
    Phys. Lett. A 373, 2782–2785 (2009). [link]

  32. Probing microscopic variations of superconductivity on the surface of Ba(Fe1−xCox)2As2 single crystals
    T.-H. Kim, R. Jin, L. R. Walker, J. Y. Howe, M. H. Pan, J. F. Wendelken, J. R. Thompson, A. S. Sefat, M. A. McGuire, B. C. Sales, D. Mandrus & A. P. Li*
    Phys. Rev. B 80, 214518 (2009). [link]

  33. Probing electrical transport in individual carbon nanotubes and junctions
    T.-H. Kim, J. F. Wendelken, A.-P. Li*, G. Du & W. Li*
    Nanotechnol. 19, 485201 (2008). [link]

  34. Space-charge trap mediated conductance blockade in tunnel junctions with half-metallic electrodes
    J. F. Feng, T.-H. Kim, X. F. Han, X.-G. Zhang, Y. Wang, J. Zou, D. B. Yu, H. Yan & A. P. Li*
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 93, 192507 (2008). [link]

  35. Charge-order fluctuations in one-dimensional silicides
    C. Zeng, P. R. C. Kent, T.-H. Kim, A.-P. Li & H. H. Weitering*
    Nat. Mater. 7, 539–542 (2008). [link]

  36. A cryogenic Quadraprobe scanning tunneling microscope system with fabrication capability for nanotransport research
    T.-H. Kim, Z. Wang, J. F. Wendelken, H. H. Weitering, W. Li & A.-P. Li*
    Rev. Sci. Instrum. 78, 123701 (2007). [link]

  37. Strain-relieving ridge structure in a wetting layer on the W(110) surface
    T.-H. Kim, J. Seo, J. Choi, B.-Y. Choi, Y. J. Song, Y. Kuk & S.-J. Kahng*
    Surf. Sci. 595, 30–34 (2005). [link]

  38. Atomic-level strain-relieving mechanism and local electronic structure of a wetting film
    T.-H. Kim, J. Seo, B.-Y. Choi, Y. J. Song, J. Choi, Y. Kuk & S.-J. Kahng*
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 87, 123112 (2005). [link]

  39. In situ fabrication of single-crystal Fe nanomagnet arrays
    J. H. Choi, T.-H. Kim, J. Seo, Y. Kuk* & M. S. Suh
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 85, 3235–3237 (2004). [link]

  40. Anisotropic growth of Cr Ad-layer: a one-dimensional nanostructure
    E.-P. Kim, T.-H. Kim, S.-T. Kim, Y. Kuk & S.-J. Kahng*
    Thin Sold Films 441, 317–320 (2003). [link]

  41. Transition between two competing structures in the epitaxial Ag layer on W(110)
    T.-H. Kim, B.-Y. Choi, Y. J. Song, W. G. Park, S.-J. Kahng & Y. Kuk*
    Phys. Rev. B 67, 233401 (2003). [link]